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Welcome to Source in Healing!

Do you wake up feeling like your missing something? 

Do you wonder if you will ever live the life you know is possible?

So truly, do you know how to turn this around?
Do you have any idea what might be you? 

How long have you been doing the same thing but nothing changes? 

What subconscious are you running that are lim iting you and your potential?  

Do you know it's possible to make the changes you desire?

    Hello, I'm Roxanne Kuchciak and I can say 10 years ago that I had no idea the many ways I was blocking, ignoring, and not choosing to change my life, that my life was in charge and I had no say, and ignoring that my life was less than perfect. I had the point of that this was all life had to offer. 
Wow, was I wrong!

    The techniques that I use are all designed  to get to the source of your blocks, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual, or health related.  
I use techniques that are designed to the core limitations that are, and limiting you from the life you know is truly possible!  Through classes, monthly healing , and private healing sessions I can you, to reawaken, , and embrace the endless flow of unlimited possibilities.
 The information provided on this website and in Roxanne Kuchciak's , Monthly Healing Programs and Private Sessions should not be used as a substitute for care and is not intended to interfere with or replace of a licensed practitioner.  It is given for education and to aid healing in a and complementary way. During a session Roxanne will 100% of her time and guidance to help you clear you blocks, You are 100% responsible for letting the healing take place.
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